Greenfield “Thrilled and Relieved” Over Ostreicher Release


david-greenfieldCouncilman David G. Greenfield released the following statement today on the return to the United States of Jacob Ostreicher, who was imprisoned since June 2011 in Bolivia despite not facing any formal criminal charges:

“I am thrilled and relieved that Jacob Ostreicher’s long ordeal has finally come to an end and he is safely back in the United States. It was clear all along that the case against him was fabricated. I am extremely grateful for all those who worked on behalf of Jacob’s release and kept him in their prayers. It was amazing to witness the incredible courage and fortitude that Jacob’s family displayed throughout this ordeal. They gave him the strength to get through this. It took a long time, but we can finally rejoice as a community in knowing that Jacob Ostreicher is safe and sound tonight in the United States of America.”

{ Newscenter}


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