Greenfield Thanks MTA for Adding Buses to B11 Line


New York City Council Member David Greenfield of Brooklyn is heralding the MTA’s recent announcement that they will increase the number of B11 buses at Greenfield’s request. One of the primary routes serving Greenfield’s district, the B11 travels across Brooklyn from Sunset Park through Borough Park into Midwood.

The changes come after Greenfield urged the MTA to improve bus frequency at last month’s New York City Council transportation hearing after a survey found B11 buses were over-capacity during peak hours. The additional buses will run during the morning rush hours and alleviate commuter wait time and reduce crowding.

“No one should be late for work because they couldn’t fit onto the bus they were been waiting for,” Greenfield said. “New York owes its residents effective transportation, and I’m happy that we’re making good on that obligation.”

The changes are set to start this summer. Greenfield has also provided funding for “bus-time” countdown clocks that will be installed at each bus stop along the Borough Park – Midwood route, notifying riders exactly when the next bus is coming. Those clocks are expected to be installed by the Department of Transportation next year.




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