Greenfield Supports Moisha’s After Negotiating Agreement


moishasCouncilman David G. Greenfield announced an agreement with the Binik family, owners and operators of Moisha’s Discount supermarket on Avenue M in Brooklyn, that will address many of the quality of life complaints lodged with the Councilman’s office against Moisha’s. With the complaints associated with the supermarket’s operation now addressed, Councilman Greenfield will support Moisha’s expansion plans and application for millions of dollars in tax breaks through the New York City Fresh Program. With Greenfield’s positive recommendation, the plan is now expected to be approved at the next meeting of the New York City Industrial Development Agency.
“My constituents are always my primary concern,” said Councilman Greenfield. “No matter how popular a business like Moisha’s may be, it is imperative that the business be a good neighbor. When I found out that people living near Moisha’s had many complaints about noise, double-parking and cleanliness, I wanted to be certain that their complaints were addressed before I supported tax-payer funded credits for the expansion project. I am pleased that after several months we have reached an agreement that will satisfy most of the neighbors’ concerns and most of Moisha’s operational concerns.”

Following several meetings and lengthy negotiations with the Binik family, Councilman Greenfield reached a written agreement with Moisha’s that ensures the store’s management will take significant measures to resolve legitimate complaints by the neighbors. The agreement specifically addresses double parking of customer cars and delivery vehicles, the idling and noise of delivery vehicles, and issues related to an increase in vermin and decrease in cleanliness in the neighborhood. Moisha’s management will mitigate these concerns as much as possible by working with vendors to avoid idling trucks and congestion during deliveries, increasing expenditures for pest control, broom cleaning sidewalks surrounding the store each night at closing, and reminding customers that double parking their cars or blocking legal driveways may result in tickets or towing while construction of the new Moisha’s supermarket takes place over the next two years.

The Biniks have assured the Councilman and community that many of the current problems facing their neighbors, particularly the double parking and idling, will be eliminated completely when the expansion, including a new parking garage above the supermarket, is completed.

“I thank Councilman Greenfield for intervening to address the concerns of our neighbors and look forward to working with the Councilman to continue addressing their concerns in the future,” said Mr. Binik. “With his help we were able to find a mutually agreeable resolution that will allow the Councilman to support Moisha’s application for the Fresh program and hopefully allow our neighbors to live more peacefully on Avenue M and the surrounding blocks. Thanks again to Councilman Greenfield and to Borough President Marty Markowitz and Assemblyman Dov Hikind for their support. We could not have done this without them.”

Moisha’s application before the New York City Industrial Development Agency is set for a vote this month. However, work is already underway on the first phase of the expansion, which is expected to be completed sometime in the middle of next year. Moisha Binik, whose chesed in the community is well-known, is investing considerable resources toward this much-needed store expansion, which he believes will serve to further enhance the community.

“Situations like this take a lot of work and, unfortunately, aren’t easily resolved. That is why I needed to thoroughly review the project before I could support it,” explained Councilman Greenfield in reference to Community Board 12’s controversial decision to vote on supporting the project. The Community Board’s move was controversial because it has no advisory capacity over Industrial Development Authority projects. “I knew there were strong feelings about the expansion that, regrettably, spilled over into a meeting of Community Board 12 in February. Throughout the tumult I remained confident that, with meaningful dialogue, a compromise could be reached. I believe Moisha Binik has acted in good faith throughout this process and I look forward to working with him and the rest of the Binik family in the future to ensure that they build a world-class supermarket while ensuring the quality of life of the surrounding community. I say this not just as a Councilman, but as a long-time customer who looks forward to shopping in the new store.”

{Noam Newscenter}


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