Greenfield Provides Media with Statement from London Man Injured in Boro Park Incident


boro-parkBrooklyn – On his weekly radio show last night, Councilman David G. Greenfield read a statement from the victim of an incident early Tuesday morning in Boro Park, in response to media reports alleging that the individual had lied to the NYPD regarding the details of the incident that left him with injuries to his face and head. The statement, read by Councilman Greenfield on 620 AM at 7 p.m. this evening, was specifically prompted by an erroneous report claiming that the individual, a London resident who was in the neighborhood for a family wedding, had lied about his claims that he was attacked by two individuals near the intersection of Dahill Road and 18th Avenue. The victim sustained injuries during the incident that required hospitalization.

The following is the victim’s statement regarding the incident and the subsequent investigation and media coverage, as provided to Councilman Greenfield directly from the victim:

“I was returning from a wedding at about 2 a.m. on Monday night and am convinced that I was attacked from the back and pushed to the floor, face down. However after extensive interrogations by the police, I recognise that there is a possibility that due to the shock of the incident and my injuries I was confused and disorientated and it may be that I tripped in the dark and hurt my face when falling down.

I am distraught by the statement which was publicised by CBS today suggesting that I was lying. This is a libellous statement which damages both my own and my family’s reputation, and I have already informed CBS that I intend to sue them for defamation unless I am convinced that my name and reputation are restored, which CBS assured me would be the case.

As for the police, the Detective assured me that his report doesn’t suggest anything other than that I was absolutely truthful and helpful in their investigation.”

Councilman Greenfield also issued the following statement: “While it’s not clear exactly what occurred on Tuesday morning, two things are clear: this individual suffered serious injuries in the incident, and the NYPD fully believes that he has been truthful with them. The victim in no way lied or attempted to mislead the NYPD. I have confirmed that information directly with the supervising officer investigating this case. I have every confidence that the NYPD will continue to diligently investigate this case and trust that they will reach the appropriate conclusion.”

{ Newscenter}


  1. I saw a small article on this in yesterday’s News which outraged me because it said the exact opposite of the above and was very misleading and defamatory! This should be 100% corrected by that newspaper!!!


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