Greenfield Invites Community Members to Decide How to Spend $1 Million in Community 


New York City Councilman David G. Greenfield is again inviting his constituents to vote in participatory budgeting next week. This is the sixth year that Greenfield has taken advantage of participatory budgeting, a unique democratic process in which community members get to choose how to spend $1 million of the New York City budget.

Greenfield invites residents of his district in Boro Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst to vote at any of a number of locations next week to help decide how $1 million in city funds will be allocated for community improvements. Several exciting projects are on this year’s ballot, including initiatives related to public safety, transit, seniors, youth, arts and culture, and neighborhood beautification. Voting will take place between March 25 and April 2. Any resident of the 44th Council District who is over the age of 14 is eligible to vote.

Last year, Greenfield allocated over $1 million in funding for neighborhood improvements with over 2,000 residents taking part in the voting.

“Participatory budgeting is a great opportunity for community members to have a direct say in how their tax dollars are spent,” Greenfield said. “Last year we had over 2,000 residents participate in Participatory Budgeting. This year we have even more exciting opportunities to improve our neighborhoods on the ballot, so I am hoping that more people than ever will get involved.”

Voting locations are as follows:

  • Councilman Greenfield’s District Office, 4424 16th Avenue, Second Floor (March 27-31 during normal business hours)
  • New York State Senator Simcha Felder’s District Office, 1412 Avenue J, Suite 2E (March 27- 31 during normal business hours)
  • Mapleton Library, 1702 60th Street (March 27-31 10 am – 6 pm)
  • Highlawn Public Library 1664 W. 13th Street (March 27-31 1 pm – 6 pm)
  • Midwood Library, 975 E 16th Street (March 27 3-6 pmMarch 28-31 10 am – 6 pm)
  • Kensington Library, 4207 18th Avenue (March 28-31 10 am – 6 pm)
  • Ryder Library, 5902 23rd Avenue (March 28-31 12:30 pm – 6 pm )
  • Borough Park Y, 4912 14th Avenue (March 27 and March 29 10:30 am – 12:30 pm)
  • Community Board 11, 2214 Bath Avenue (Monday – Friday 9am –  5pm)
  • Community Board 12, 5910 13th Avenue (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm)
  • Community Board 14, 810 East 16th Street (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm)
  • Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon Street (Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm)

For more information on participatory budgeting, please contact Councilman Greenfield’s office at (718) 853-2704.


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