Greenfield Brings New Traffic Safety Enhancements to Bensonhurst and Boro Park


Brooklyn Councilman David G. Greenfield announced this week that the Department of Transportation will be installing enhanced crosswalks at three dangerous intersections in Bensonhurst. The decision comes after meetings between Greenfield, other community leaders, and DOT officials.

“Keeping our citizens safe is the most important job we have as elected officials,” Greenfield said. “That’s why I fought to get these safety improvements. I’m proud that we were able to get it done.”

The enhanced crosswalks will feature clear new signage directing drivers to yield to pedestrians, and are slated for installation on 21st Avenue at 57th Street and 58th Street, as well as 17th Avenue at 57th Street. Speed humps will also be installed on 21st Avenue from 53rd Street to 60th Street.

“2016 was the safest year on record, and Brooklyn led all boroughs in cutting down on traffic fatalities, but we can and must do better,” Greenfield said. “I’d like to thank Commissioner Trottenberg for her hard work on this important matter. I would also like to thank Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for his partnership in making these improvements possible.”

Greenfield has been working hard to improve the streets of our communities, and these are just the latest of many improvements he has successfully fought for. With respect to 21st Avenue specifically, Greenfield has added safety measures such as hazard lights to warn about sharp curves and removed outdated signage. He has also opened up new parking spaces and upgraded streets lights for improved visibility. Greenfield is also in the process of making major safety improvements in the area of the intersections of New Utrecht Avenue/12th Avenue/50th Street, which will include enhanced crosswalks and new measures to improve driving safety, among other measures.

“I am very excited about the steps being taken to improve safety at the intersection of New Utrecht Avenue, 12th Avenue and 50th Street,” said Barry Spitzer, district manager for Community Board 12. “The Department of Design and Construction is already working on the design for this project with construction pending its completion. For years this location has been extremely dangerous and an object of confusion for motorists and pedestrians. I am pleased that Councilman Greenfield and I have been able to work with the Department of Transportation to make these necessary improvements.”

“I will never stop fighting to keep our communities safe,” Greenfield said. “That includes keeping our streets safe for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike.”



  1. There are many traffic improvements that are possible but neglected.The interest of motorist are ignored all together.It takes longer to drive two blocks on 15,15,17 avenues during rush hours than get two Williamsbug.Signs of no left turns should be installed in order to increase traffic flow.That one car shouldn’t hold up blocks of traffic.Traffic lights should be synchronized that cars shouldn’t have to stop every block like on Ocean Parkway.Prospect Park should be open in both directions during rush hours.But who cares about motorists they don’t care that traffic congestion increases cost of living and transportation costs for food.But no one seem to care.

  2. Bugoff! Now no turns on 50 street. They rarely enhance our lives. All they will do is block people from making turns on this street. They will not check how this affects the neighborhood. Nor will they consider the effects of their changes. Just as he never cared about ocean parkway no turns. He’s the one pushing it behind the scenes. He’s going to threaten everybody getting in his way.

  3. Thank you very much .
    There is one thing no one czn understand as of now driving in flatbush is a nightmare
    Most of it is due to many cars however if you look carefully you will notice that lights are not synchronized it is impossible to go for more than one or two blocks without stopping by a red light.
    Too many cars get backed up causing major jams. Why cant we just synchronize lights?!

    • Because that makes sense, and will save the consumers gasoline and will cause less pollution. Local government here is so corrupt, they do things Moshe kapioer. They constantly seek aitzos of how to make life harder and more miserable for the taxpaying citizens.
      Around the corner from me, at the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue O, is a constant traffic disaster. Avenue O is a two way street until it reaches CIA eastbound where it suddenly turns into a one way street, coming right at you! If you’re traveling eastbound, you would think there would be a special turning light, but no! One must wait 3 to 4 lights just to make that left turn because all the chachomim going westbound block the whole lane because they are waiting by the red light on East 10th street! Such tipshim. Either get rid of the useless light on East 10th or at least have it synchronized with Coney AND East 9th street. The funny (or not so funny) thing is they always have one NYPD “traffic” car parked at that corner and the 2 “officers” occupying it NEVER DO A THING TO HELP! Total incompetence! Total waste of our tax dollars!

      • Agreed— When you understand what the agenda of a left wing liberal is, the whole thing makes perfect sense. They want to make it so annoying and difficult to drive around that we will leave our cars home and walk or take mass transit. They have no sense of balance or proportion. They have no ability to weigh pros and cons in a rational way. They have an agenda, which to them is like a religion, and if you have to inconvenience hundreds of people in order to save an endangered snail, that makes sense to them. Abortion makes sense to them, so does multi gender bathrooms and the Palestinian cause. It is not possible to reason with them.

  4. why is he praising Adams a guy who supports the black lives matter movement, a movement whose sole goal is to make us less safe, David be consistent?

  5. Because they don’t care about the frustration of motorists.In most civilized cities major thoroughfares, the lights are synchronized to enhance traffic flow.Every avenue in Borough Park you need to stop at every other street.That is unacceptable!Also the left turns slow tremendously the flow during rush hours.

  6. There is no question no left turn during rush hours would ease traffic flow like in other civilized cities .And Wouldn’t block traffic for blocks taking hours to drive 10 blocks on the avenues.

  7. Why does it not say advertisement?
    Under what authority is anyone claiming that this will enhance our safety? It will clearly negatively affect our driving, and subsequently, our safety.


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