Greenfield Announces New Slow Zone to be Installed on 19th Avenue in Boro Park


Last August, Councilman David G. Greenfield wrote a letter to the NYC Department of Transportation, requesting that something be done about the hazardous conditions that exist for pedestrians crossing the street in the vicinity of FDR High School on 19th Avenue between 55th and 58th Streets. After months of research and collaboration, the Department of Transportation this week confirmed that it will install a new slow zone on 19th Avenue between 54th Street and 58th Street.

“This is a major victory for pedestrian safety and for the safety of our children,” Greenfield said of the decision. “By reducing the speed limit on this busy road near a school, we are sending a clear message that New York puts safety first, and we are furthering the goals of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero program.” Greenfield has long been a supporter of Vision Zero, having sponsored key elements of the plan in the City Council.

The new slow zone will reduce the speed limit in the affected area to 20 miles per hour — a significant safety measure, given that pedestrians struck by vehicles traveling 20 mph are much more likely to survive the crash than pedestrians struck by vehicles traveling 30 mph or faster.

“When it comes to keeping our children safe, we all have a responsibility to do everything we can. That especially applies to legislators and policymakers, which is why I’m so proud we were able to get this done for the so many students and families who live in the area. I would like to thank the DOT and Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, as well as Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray for their hard work and partnership in making this happen,” Greenfield said.

“Safety is our mission at DOT and this newly approved school slow zone is a great addition to the crucial work being done as part of Vision Zero,” said DOT Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray. “I’d like to thank Councilmember Greenfield for his continued collaboration with DOT and for his continued interest in keeping the students of FDR High School and all New Yorkers safe as they traverse through this area.”

The slow zone is set to be installed by DOT within the next three months.



  1. I would like to know of just one instance where Mr. Greenfield made it easier for drivers. He didn’t. Frustrated drivers and impossible driving restrictions cause a lot more harm than the imaginary danger on 19th Avenue. These hindrances are precisely what causes drivers to be frustrated and drive like maniacs. Enough already! Begin commonsense roads now!

  2. But where is the light on 18th Avenue and 56th Street near the park? I think that is a major priority – a speeding zone near the beautifully renovated park. “When it comes to keeping our children safe, we all have a responsibility to do everything we can.”


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