Great Deal: City Of Sambuca In Italy Is Selling Houses For Only €1


They rural city of Sambuca in Italy is selling property for only €1 – and anyone can buy one.

With views of the Mediterranean, wine vineyards and sunny beaches off the Italian coastthere is one small catch. While you will get the house for €1; the contract comes with a clause that says you will have to put in €15,000 ($17,000) over three years to renovate the house. The city of Sambuca is offering the deal to maintain upkeep on the town as many residents are leaving the small town to seek better job opportunities in bigger cities.

There is also a €5,000 security deposit that you have to put down – but it will be given back to you once renovations are completed.

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  1. Very very safe, in fact I am willing to bet you have never lived in a place where so many perfect strangers walked in to offer you protection, how nice!

  2. We can start communities there…Beats paying 2 million shekels for apartments for my 8 children I still have to marry off!!!

  3. Gosh, that building in the foreground looks pretty beat up. Shouldn’t it be either renovated or razed? I bet you could turn it into a nice co-op or something – maybe add a couple of floors on top. Either way, nobody wants to see some old, ruined building blocking their view.


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