Grandson Of 1972 Munich Olympics’ Terrorist Poised To Win Congressional Seat


With the indictment of U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar—a grandson of a Black September terrorist who killed 11 members of the Israeli athletic team at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics—is likely to go from being a long-shot candidate to upsetting the California Republican this November in what is a heavy conservative congressional district.

Campa-Najjar, 28, a practicing Christian born to a Palestinian father and a Mexican mother, has distanced himself from his grandfather, Muhammad Yousef al-Najjar, who was involved in the planning of the Munich massacre and was assassinated by Israeli commandos in Beirut in 1973.

“As an American citizen living in the 21st century, I will never be able to understand or condone the actions and motivations of my grandfather,” he told Haaretz in February before telling local outlets that these remarks would not be utilized for political gain.

“Like many American families, my heritage bears a heartbreaking history,” he added. “To achieve peace, Palestinians and Israelis will have to make the same personal choice I’ve had to make: leave the dark past behind so that the future shines brighter in the eyes of our children.”

Campa-Najjar is running as a progressive in California’s 50th district which the nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted from “Solid Republican” to “Lean Republican.”

Along with his wife, Hunter pleaded not guilty to illegally using $250,000 in campaign funds for personal use and filing false reports with the Federal Election Commission.

As of June 30, Campa-Najjar raised more than $1 million but spent much of it, according to federal records. Campa-Najjar’s campaign reported $280,000 in the bank, with $25,000 in debt, while Hunter reported raising $850,000 but had a surplus of $350,000 by the end of June.

Whether the Democratic Party will allocate significant money into a race they deem as not winnable, compared to other districts consisting of vulnerable Republican incumbents, remains to be seen. U.S. President Donald Trump won Hunter’s district by 15 points, despite losing statewide by more than 4 million votes in 2016.





  1. Was he a bigger criminal than Hillary who has loads of blood on her hand plus massive other crimes who’s not even arrested yet and still trying to become president? The definition of Democratic party today = criminals running for office.

  2. Bnai bunov shel sancherev lomaid Torah B’Bnai Brak. A second thought, we already see Muslims winning elections for various offices. It’s only a matter of time before a Muslim will be in the Senate. I think the askunim should say lets agree to disagree on Israel, but there are many social issues that we can find common ground with the muslim community.

    • If a Muslim can be President in the US for 8 years, it wouldn’t be so surprising that Israeli Leftists will follow suit and call it racism if Israel doesn’t.

  3. The fact that he converted out of Islam, I think, says a lot. Or, then again, maybe not! Today the word commitment is just another word in the dictionary.

  4. Let’s try this again. . . Yellow Journalism at its best. Thank you YWN for your wonderful, provocative yet misleading headlines.

  5. We should criticize him and every other candidate based on what they say and do, and not on what his grandfather did before he was born.

  6. Brothers Zim newest release:

    My Zayde lived away from us in a terror zone,
    He used to laugh, he hit me with his knee.
    He spoke about his knife in Hos land,
    He spoke, but on a bitter key.

    He spoke about the soldiers who he would beat;
    They laughed at him, they tore his long headscarf.
    And he spoke about a mosque that they burned down,
    And the ensuing threats that was heard above the smoke.

    But Zayde made us laugh,
    Zayde made us sing,
    And Zayde made a intifada Friday night;
    And Zayde, oh, my Zayde,
    How I loved him so,
    And Zayde used to teach me wrong is right.

    His eyes lit up when he would teach me about explosives,
    He taught me every wire so carefully.
    He spoke about Gaza’s rights to Egypt,
    And how he will kill to make us free.

    But winter went by,
    Summer came along,
    I went to camp to run and play.
    And when I came back home,
    They said, “Zayde’s gone,”
    And all his guns were packed and stored away.

    I know how or why it came to be,
    It happened slowly over many years,
    He just stopped being careful when building bombs
    Like my Zayde was,
    And no one cared enough to shed a tear.

    But many winters went by,
    And many summers came along,
    And now my children sit in front of me.
    And who will be the Zayde of my children,
    Who will be their Zayde, if not me, the new bomb-maker?


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