Granddaughter of Rabbi Yaakov Litman Hy”d Born


Last night, a baby girl was born Ariel and Sarah Techiya Beigel. Sarah Techiya’s father, Rabbi Yaakov Litman, and her brother, Netanel, were murdered one year ago by terrorists.

It was a Friday afternoon when Rabbi Litman, 44, and Netanel, 18, were killed by Palestinian terrorists who opened fire on their vehicle as they were traveling near Otniel, south of Chevron.

They were on the way to a pre-wedding celebration for Sarah Techiya.

Sarah Techiya and Ariel later announced right after shiva in Kiryat Arba that their wedding would take place on Nov. 26 at Binyanei Ha’uma and they invited all Klal of Yisrael to attend their wedding. readers are invited to join in the simcha of Sarah Techiya Litman, who lost her father and brother in a terror attack, as she gets married in Eretz Yisroel.

Guests from around the world traveled to Eretz Yisroel for the wedding and thousands LITMAN BIEGELwatched the wedding live here on

“Don’t let our enemies rejoice. We have fallen and we have risen,” wrote the couple at the time. “With G-d’s help, our wedding will take place next Thursday, 26 November, 14 Kislev, at Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem. The Jewish nation is invited to rise from the dust and celebrate with us.”

Now, the simcha takes on special poignancy with the birth of the couple’s baby.

May the baby’s zaide and uncle continue serving as melitzei yosher for the family and all of Klal Yisroel.

{ Israel News Bureau / Photo: Yaniv Yashar}



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