Graham: GOP Presidential Race Mathematically ‘Over’


romney-paul-santorumSen. Lindsey Graham said today on “This Week” that the race for the GOP presidential nomination is Mitt “Romney’s to lose.”

“I wouldn’t trade places with Mitt if I were in the race,” the Republican senator from South Carolina said. “He has almost a third of the delegates he needs. Mathematically, Rick would have to win 75 percent of what remains. He’s done an outstanding job, Rick has, of starting with almost nothing and being a real contender, and Newt’s come back from the dead two or three times. But mathematically, this thing is about over, but emotionally it’s not.”

Graham declined to say whether the other Republican candidates running for president should end their bids, even as he argued that Romney will inevitably capture the nomination.

“I think everybody believes, if I could just get a one-on-one with Romney, I could win this thing. But if Romney does well, wins either Mississippi or Alabama and wins Illinois, then I think it’s virtually impossible for this thing to continue much beyond early May,” Graham said. ” But there’s a ways to go yet. It’s Romney’s to lose. And, quite frankly, every time he had his back against the wall, he’s performed. And I like his chances, but the other two candidates have got to make that decision themselves.”

{George Stephanopoulos/ Newscenter}


  1. Lindsey, you can go back to partnering with the Democrats. They said the same thing when Reagan was running against Ford. Hey Dummy, what happened? Go put your head back in the sand!

  2. Ironic.Romney tells everyone to back him as the “top dog”,yet in Mississippi and Alabamahe telling them to support him for being the “underdog”.


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