Photo: Man Who Bought Chometz in Haifa Every Year Converts, Brings Goyishe Father to Buy


The goy who previously bought chometz every year in Haifa converted to Judaism over the last year.

This year, shortly before Chag HaPesach, he showed up to the chometz sale on the other side of the transaction, wearing his full chareidi garb.

The newly-born Jew brought his own non-Jewish father to take his place as the purchaser of Haifa’s chometz.



  1. A Goy who would buy Chometz every year from Rabbi Elyashiv ZT”L was so impressed by Rabbi Elyashiv’s Middos that it made him want to find out more about Judaism. He eventually converted. Sometime afterward, he visited Rabbi Elyashiv to let him know that he converted because of Rabbi Elyashiv and that he’s learning full-time in Kollel. What a Kiddush Hashem by a Tzaddik! 🙂


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