Goy Makes Off With Chometz Given to Him for Pesach


chometzA goy taught a Yerushalmi kehillah an important lesson when he acted on his right to take their chometzdike products bestowed upon him ahead of Pesach in what was obviously more than just a symbolic act.

The tradition of selling one’s chometz to a non-Jew is what allows Yidden to keep in their possession various products which are not kosher for Pesach. Normally, after the chag, the non-Jew will sell the goods back.

Members of the Mishkenos Yaakov community in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in Yerushalayim were encouraged by their rov, Rav Simcha Rabinowitz to take the tradition one step further, and rather than selling the chometz, actually give it to the non-Jew, who would presumably return it after the Yom Tov.

Many people chose to put their products – including expensive alcoholic beverages – in the room destined for the chometz, believing that such an act would be a higher degree of observing the prohibition of not owning chometzdike products.

After the transaction took place and shortly before the chag began, however, the goy arrived with his vehicle and proceeded to take the goods, which were legally his. Objecting to his actions was not an option, since that would prove that the deal was not sincere, which would mean that the chometz would have belonged to the Jews.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. yea but it did not teach a lesson bec in all of these chomitz agreements is says clearly that if he takes it he must pay for it after the chag..
    so unless he ran away they going to make him pay or return the goods

  2. The goy is completely in the right!

    Woe to people who consider the sale of chametz a ‘symbolic’ act. It is a legal binding sale that should be undertaken in good faith…not as a trick or loophole!

  3. wine is not chametz so it would not be given to the goy. Also there is no lesson to be learned, they are the foolish ones for giving him the chametz and not selling it like the rest of Am Yisruel.


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