Gov’t to Hit Debt Ceiling in March


jack-lewJack Lew says we’re broke again. Today, the treasury secretary told Congress that the U.S. government will run out of money – possibly as soon as mid-March – unless the debt ceiling is raised.

The debt limit was suspended in October in the deal that reopened the government, but is set to be resurrected to its full $17.3 trillion standing on Friday.

“Unlike other recent periods when we have had to use extraordinary measures to continue financing the government, this time these measures will give us only a brief span of time,” Lew warned. Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. i’m sorry to tell you that I AM PREPARED FOR THE USA TO COLLAPSE

    But to collapse on a different account: we have all been living in denial & not facing reality. one of the reasons being

    the first time I wrote the message below was along time ago, when the economy started to collapse due to:

    Why is the economy so bad today? Why is the whole world going down? For the past thousands of years there was always Avoda zara in the world-from the molech to the baal to the asheira tree etc…-todays avoda zara is MONEY, we are a servant to money, we serve money, we bow down to money, we let money talk & rule us. Thus we leave Hashem no choice but to take it away from us Rachmana L’tzlan. But you can still save yourself from going down. if a person can use his money the right way & remember that it all comes from Hashem & it was just loaned to him (even though he worked for it), then he is the perfect person to continue holding Hashem’s money.

    i’m watching as the situation & economy gets worse & worse. And the craziest part about it is, that it doesn’t surprise me or shock me this entire country is about to collapse slowly but surely. The world is run by Hashem & nobody else (not obama or the gedolim etc…)

    you can save yourself now from losing everything, by stopping on depending on the government & depend on Hashem alone & then you will not lack anything & actually have a smooth & happy life.

    be prepared for all your rights & freedoms to be taken away slowly but surely-not in one shot-& soon WE will not be able to live in the USA as frum yidden. all our rights & freedoms are being taken from us one at a time & the USA is about to become what used to be communist russia. pack your bags NOW & head for Eretz Yisroel, while the pressure is not so hard & before america is attacked by iran. for then it will be too late & everyone will be leaving in poverty, wishing they had left-now-when they were told.

    I wish everyone Hatzlacha to start turning STRAIGHT to Hashem for help in all situations (from parnassa to refuah etc….) i.e. no middlemen/Rabbonim etc… & depend on nothing other then Hashem. then you will be helped by Hashem as it says in tehillim (chapter 34) for one that seeks Hashems help lacks nothing.

    I now add the message below that is a more current message:

    This country is just going to collapse-step by step-just like greece & other countries, and i’m watching it happen as things go from worse to horrific R”L. ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME before all our rights & freedoms will be taken away from us (rather religious laws or freedom etc…) soon the USA will be a communist country just like China. soon the USA will be shut for good as they go more into dept & its dept keeps growing.

    That’s right, all our rights & freedoms will be taken away one by one, from metziza b’peh to sugary drinks etc… & soon we will not be able to live as free yidden R”L.

    there is only one way to save yourself now, GO TO ERETZ YISROEL & save yourself before its too late, there are many programs to assist anyone that makes aliya,-from the minute you get off the plane with nefesh b’nefesh all the way down to housing & wic etc…-sorry but if you think i’m breslev or a Zionist your making a big mistake. trust me for your sake & save yourself before its too late, many people before WWII stayed in Germany for many reasons (values or family or too comfortable there etc…) & look what happened cause they didn’t listen to the gedolim who said flee to Israel or the USA.

    May we all be in Yerushalyim ASAP with mashiach

  2. “it’s all Bush’s fault – right Mr President – even after 6 years”

    Actually, in this case, it is: Clinton had had four consecutive years of budget surpluses; Bush’s last budget had the largest deficit in nominal dollars the US has ever had. The theft of the 2000 election will go down in history as the most tragic event for America in generations.

  3. Third time isn’t, in this case, a charm. It’s a curse. This is the third time in a row that the House has made difficulties about raising the debt limit (see Reuters this morning). The world has already come to view us with caution. A third threat to send global finances into chaos will mean that other countries will quietly but surely withdraw from us.

    Our influence is already in decline. A third fiasco will bottom us out. And in that case – the US will not be able to influence world opinion about West Bank settlements and a possible boycott. There will be a boycott, comparable to the one that ended white-only government in South Africa. If you don’t want a massive resettlement problem with settlers, better pray that the debt limit gets raised without House theatrics.


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