Govt: Anyone Who Insults Chareidi Soldiers in Big Trouble


idf-soldier1The Israeli Defense Ministry’s legal department has been circulating a letter which states that anyone who insults a soldier – including soldiers from the chareidi religious community – is subject to a sentence of six months in prison and a fine of up to NIS 250,000 if convicted.

Arutz Sheva reports that the letter was issued in response to a law that Likud MKs were set to introduce. It was addressed to Yaakov Vider, head of the Likud’s “chareidi desk,” and a proponent of a law that would penalize those who insulted chareidi religious soldiers.

In the letter he received from the Defense Ministry’s Attorney General’s office, reports Arutz Sheva, Vider was told that there was no need for a new law; laws were already on the books to prevent insulting IDF soldiers, and the Ministry would make sure they were enforced. “The law is very clear,” the letter said. “Anyone insulting an IDF soldiers, whether verbally, through actions, or gestures, is subject to penalties, including jail time and up to NIS 258,000 in compensation.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Sefer HaChinuch, mitzvah 338,
    to not afflict any Jew with words:

    To not afflict any Israelite with words, in other words, to not say to any Israelite words that cause him pain or distress and he has no power to improve them.

    Specifically, our Rabbis of Blessed memory (tractate Baba Metzia, page 58B) taught:

    Do not say to a Baal Teshuvah: Remember your previous deeds.

    If a man becomes sick, then do not speak to him like the friends of Iyov spoke to him
    [his friends told him that he deserved to suffer because of his sins].

    If you see people seeking food, then do not tell them:
    Go to Mr. Ploni, if you know that Mr. Ploni has no food for them.

    Do ask a store owner how much an item costs if you do not intend to buy it.

    In the last year of his life, Rabbi Avigdor Miller OBM gave a public lecture in which he taught that Jews should pray for Israeli soldiers. He said this in response to a question from his audience. I was personally there when he said that.

  2. Anyone insulting the Hareidi soldier who is protecting his life is already in trouble with the One Above. A civil law is going to seem like an afterthought to him.


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