Government Says It Is Dropping Most Remaining Inaugural Day Rioting Cases


Nearly a year after about 200 people were charged with rioting during President Donald Trump’s inauguration, federal prosecutors announced they would drop a majority of the cases because they could not prove the defendants planned or participated in protests with the aim of smashing storefronts, setting fires and causing other property damage.

The U.S. attorney’s office in the District of Columbia said it was dismissing charges against 129 people awaiting trial. Prosecutors said they would move ahead with cases against the 59 who they say were directly involved in the riots.

In a court filing, prosecutors said they plan to focus on “the core group that we believe is most responsible for the destruction and violence that took place on Inauguration Day.”

The decision comes about a month after a District jury acquitted the first six people to go to trial on rioting charges stemming from the Jan. 20, 2017, celebration. Lawyers for those defendants argued they were lawfully protesting while others in the group peeled off to vandalize businesses and vehicles.

(c) 2018, The Washington Post · Keith L. Alexander 



  1. They would never have dropped it had these Democratic hooligans rioted like this against Obama and they all would have been behind bars. RACISTS!

  2. Oh, how convenient. Just let them off the hook. Maxine Waters doesn’t care? Kristen Gillibrand is not “concerned”? John Lewis is happy?
    If even the slightest perceived disturbance would of taken place by either of the Obama overly extravagant inaugurations, there would of been the steady drumbeat of anger and outrage against the evil white male racists! Eric Holder, king of the Thought Police, would of personally made sure every single one of those racists and their families were prosecuted and harassed until the end of time.
    I agree. Jeff Sessions has failed the American taxpayers and should resign.

    • Typical Trumpet- blame Sessions. Blame Haley. Blame Tillerson. Blame everyone but Trump.
      If you would actually spend time to think about things instead if regurgitating Hannity, you would realize that they are dropping the charges because they are going for the real trouble makers, the ones they have evidence against. Typical case of prosecuters picking their strongest case. However, to a true Trumpet, everything is a conspiracy to get Trump, and you will even blame Jeff Sessions for it. Jeff Sessions, a true conservative, who happens to respect the law, and isn’t willing to use (and abuse) the DOJ the way Eric Holder did. Truml can’t understand that, but you should.

      • You’re a racist and should be charged with a hate crime. How dare you accuse Eric Holder, an African American, of abusing his power within the DOJ?!


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