Gov. Cuomo Urges Sen. Simcha Felder To ‘Seize And Maximize’ Opportunity To Rejoin Democrats

The Ny Daily News reports that NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday said the time is now for Brooklyn Democratic Sen. Simcha Felder to give up his alliance with the GOP.  In an open letter to Felder, Cuomo urged him to “seize and maximize” the opportunity he has to reunite with the Democrats and help give the party command of the Senate.
“The Democratic Conference will not need you in November the way they need you now,” Cuomo said in the letter, the News reports. “I believe there will be additional Democrats who win and are seated for the next legislature,” Cuomo continued. “You have said that you act in the best interest of your constituents. For their benefit, now is the time that matters.”


  1. democrats are working against his constituents by being anti religious freedom, pro illegal aliens, anti Trump and pro fascist state proposals like banning plastic bags

  2. Mr Cuomo – FYI Simcha Felder’s “constituents” don’t think like you, they are not LIBERALS, they are not DemocRATS, they are not Republicans. They think and want what’s RIGHT for Humanity and for their Religious Beliefs, so the put Simcha into office to vote for their benefits………….

  3. ‘Cuomo urges Felder to Rejoin Democrats’

    Did Felder leave the Democrat party, or did the Democrats leave Felder?

    The Democrat party of today is not the Democrat party Felder grew up with.

    To cite the late President Reagan, the Democrats went so far left, they left America.

  4. The Democrat party today stands for corruption, evil, immorality, lawlessness and G-dlessness. Anyone joining this filthy lawless party will be regarded corrupt, evil, immoral, lawless and G-dless.

  5. Especially in a serious situation such as this the correct action for anyone that represents the tzibbur is to ask daas Torah.


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