GOP Senators May Be Willing To Back Health Bill That Funds Planned Parenthood


Several Republican senators have indicated that they would be willing to support a health care bill that funds Planned Parenthood or some abortion services, Fox News reports.

The GOP is worried that any bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare would have to be carefully structured to hold the support of moderate and conservative Republicans. However, the apparent concession by conservatives might give leadership more room to maneuver.

The pressure is on Senate Republicans to try to move a bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare before the Fourth of July recess. The House of Representatives passed its own bill, the American Health Care Act, last month. Read more at Fox News.




  1. Shame on these “merciful” Republican Barbaric Senators who are willing to support mothers murdering their innocent healthy babies.

    • And just contine reading the news on Matzav “2 toddlers die in car when 19year old mom leaves them behind for 15hrs”. Yes people are crazy & should not be aloud to have children. Mistakes happen & abortion should be an option when necessary.

      • So you are suggesting that some people should murder their babies in the womb in order to prevent any possible future murder of the above mentioned babies! You make as much sense as a typical DemocRatic voter.

        • Wow. I am going to be the big man to call you on the DemoRat thing. I think you will eventually be innoculated for your treason. America is a 2 party nation and we do not slight our differences. It must be very poor to have such a losing sense of shared worth.

        • Murdering a baby in hot car makes more sense to you??!? I said obortion should be an option when necessary. Thats my opinion.

      • Our Torah instructs us that people have a Chov Kodesh – a serious sacred obligation to have children — and a lot of them! And, of course, our Torah ALSO instructs us that people have a Chov Kodesh – a serious sacred obligation to TAKE CARE OF their children and certainly to never harm them, Rachmana Litzlan! So instead of, Chas V’Shalom, us telling people to not have children, let us tell them to, YES, do have children, AND, of course, YES, you must take good care of them! AND, of course, of course, of course, you absolutely must NEVER do any harm to them, Rachmana Litzlan!

      • Where there are callous/wicked/sick women who would, Chas V’Shalom, be prone to do such cruel acts, obviously, they need a tremendous amount of specialized counseling to effectively steer them away from such deadly behavior. It may very well be though, that (they are not super terrible people, but that) because of certain difficult curcumstances, they need some assistance with their parenting. Here, that means that when they need to go shopping, they need to have another person with them to watch their children. The “other person” could well be a family member or a good friend or a Ba’alas Chesed from the community.

        Furthermore, maybe the stores, especially vendors where mothers with young children often shop (e.g. grocery markets, children’s clothing shops, home supply centers, etc.) should have in several highly visable places around the store, very large and glaringly noticeable signs reminding — and warning — parents to NOT leave their kids in the car!

        Also, maybe in commercial districts, there should be set up systems OF PATROLS, of designated people to check the cars parked on the street and to go around parking lots and parking garages to make sure that no children are being left alone in cars.

        So there certainly are many good constructive ways to deal with this gravely serious problem WITHOUT telling people that, Chas V’Shalom, that they should not have children.

  2. Same old same old. We have a one party system in our corrupt Government. It’s been like that for years and it will continue. What else is new?

    • Well, b”H with our new president this corruption will not continue. I doubt these “compassionate” Republican Senators will receive govt funding for killing babies if President Trump is so against it.

    • Yes, tragically, in many of the elections, it is often pretty much a “choice” between the DEMOCANS and the REPUPLICRATS!

  3. The only way to clean up Washington is through criminal investigation of every politician in town. There is a reason why these people become multi millionaires while serving their terms. Trump should act the same way as he did during the primary – why can’t he muster some courage and bring the fight back to the enemy?!

    • Because he’s a closet “Manhattan Liberal”. He only changed his tune to get elected. I warned you people not to throw a true righteous gentile, Mike Huckabee, under the bus, but you didn’t listen. You were so enamored with some empty millionaire with a big mouth running for the highest seat in the land. Idiots. Now you see what kind of lowlife baby killer you’ve elected. And just wait. He’s not finished with toaiva ideas yet r”l.


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