GOP Blocks Jobless Aid


reid-mcconnellSenate Republicans blocked Democratic attempts to extend unemployment insurance on Thursday. A vote of 58 to 40 failed to overturn the GOP filibuster that put a stop to pushing forward a three-month, $6.4 billion extension for expired unemployment benefits.

The plan was initially voted on in the Senate last month, but was rejected by Republicans because Majority Leader Harry Reid would only allow them to offer five amendments. Read more at Roll Call.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. If you’ve had your unemployment insurance terminated, and your kids are hungry, yes it will interest you. Anything to do with jobs, parnassah, or government programs should interest us. We have far too many people in need, many with dependent children, to ignore politics.

  2. When the DemoRat Majority Senate passes something significant to DemoRats then the DemoRats take the credit.

    When the DemoRat Majority Senate fails to support something significant to DemoRats then they blame the Republican Minority.

    Where were all the Dems on this bill? I guess they sided with the Republicans. You could say that this bill died with Bipartisan support.


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