Google Warns Million Users Could Lose Internet Access in July


googleGoogle has warned that hundreds of thousands of internet users may be unable to access the web on July 9 if they do not get rid of malicious software, also known as malware, from their computers.

Google has been alerting users to the threat of DNSChanger with the message “your computer appears to be infected” on machines infected by the software. The company had successfully alerted a million users last summer to a different type of malware.

This time the method has been repeated with Google showing a special message appearing at the top of the Google search results page for users with affected devices.

Google has warned that as many as one million computers may be infected with malware.

The Domain Name System (DNS) converts web address names like into numericals that enable computers to send traffic to the right place.

DNSChanger changes the DNS settings and forces users to use malicious servers that redirect them to fake and other harmful sites. The malware also alters the settings on home routers and can infect other computers and mobile devices.

{Media Mughals/ Newscenter}



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