Google Offers ‘Good News’ Only Feature


Google is rolling out a feature that allows users to hear positive news stories on command, an effort developed in conjunction with a journalism group focusing on combating negative news fatigue.

The feature, announced this week in a blog post, will exist on Google Assistant devices and will play a randomly selected positive news story focusing on an individual or a group solving a problem when prompted with the voice command “tell me something good.”

“Just say ‘Hey Google, tell me something good’ to receive a brief news summary about people who are solving problems for our communities and our world,” the company wrote in a blog post.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. This in it of itself is fake news. Who are they to decide what consists of “good” news? New gay rights bill was passed? That’s good news? Abortions are now legal. Is that good news? All these news stories are relative. It depends who’s reading the news. What’s good for one is terrible for others.

  2. Good news would be if Google would leave real news alone and mind their own business. Who are they to decide to remove it and remove all real YouTubes?


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