Good Riddance: Gudrun Burwitz, Nazi Daughter Of Heinrich Himmler, Dies


Gudrun Burwitz, the true-believing daughter of Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany’s highest-ranking official after Adolf Hitler, died May 24 in or near Munich. She was 88.

Her death was first reported by the German newspaper Bild, which also confirmed that Burwitz had worked for two years in West Germany’s foreign intelligence agency. The agency’s chief historian, Bodo Hechelhammer, told the newspaper that Burwitz worked as a secretary under an assumed name in the early 1960s. The agency does not comment on current or past employees until they have died.

Burwitz, who was sometimes called a “Nazi princess” by supporters and detractors alike, remained unrepentant and loyal to her father to the end. Although she had visited a concentration camp, she denied the existence of the Holocaust and, in later years, helped provide money and comfort to former Nazis convicted or suspected of war crimes.

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    • Of course, these excessively evil people, Yimach Shemam V’Zichram, are absolutely NOT “animals,” for they are INFINITELY OF INFINITELY OF INFINITELY worse than “animals”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      On the contrary, animals have purposes for which they are here in the world as they perform countless needed functions and provide countless needed benefits. L’Havdil, by totally sharp contrast, these totally evil people have completely negated any benefits that they could have provided.

  1. Reform,conservative and tuna beigeld deny there is a gehinim. According to their twisted logic a Nazi who killed untold amount of babies can take a sweet poison pill and sleep away with no justice. This is the atheistic philosophy.

  2. BORUCH HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B’SUROS TOVOS — WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We must all emthaticly thank Hashem and shout to Him:

    “BORUCH ATA HOTOV V’HAMEITIV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. She honored the Commandment to honor her father. Does the Mitzvah differentiate between an evil and a good parent?

    • Machlokes Rambam and Tur.
      Shulchan Aruch (YD 240:18) rules like the Rambam, that one must honor his father if he is a “rasha”.
      Rema rules that one does not have an obligation to honor his father if he is a “rasha”.
      I note, tongue in cheek, that Bnei Ashkenaz follow the Rema.

      • LA”D, I suspect that even acc to the SA/Rambam, the extent to honoring the parent/rasha is very basic and ‘parave’ … I do not have an exact geder now but it would certainly not require one to support the Rasha’a ways ….


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