Goldstone to Attend Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah


goldstoneRichard Goldstone will attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah after South African Zionists withdrew efforts to ban him from the event because of his role in a controversial report on Israel’s Cast Lead Operation in the Gaza Strip.The retired judge, who authored a highly critical report on last year’s three-week offensive into Gaza, on Friday wrote to U.S. Jewish magazine Tikkun to say that Jewish groups had approached him to end the row.

“I need hardly say how happy our family is that I will be attending the synagogue services,” Goldstone wrote.

The United Nations report, published in September 2009, accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes, provoking condemnation from many Jewish organizations.

In his letter to Tikkun, Goldstone quoted a statement from the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, which read: “Following consultation between all the parties involved, an agreement has been reached confirming Judge Richard Goldstone attending his grandson’s forthcoming bar-mitzvah ceremony.”

The statement went on to say that there would not be any more protests associated with the bar mitzvah as well.

Goldstone’s correspondence with Tikkun came in the wake of the magazine’s decision to award him its annual prize for work done to uphold Jewish values. In a statement released on Friday, editor Rabbi Michael Lerner said Goldstone had been chosen as this year’s recipient of the Tikkun Award because “the peace community both in Israel and around the world see Justice Goldstone as upholding the best ethical values of the Jewish community.”

Lerner also voiced “outrage” over reported attempts to ban Goldstone from his grandson’s bar mitzvah. “The banning of him from his own grandson’s bar mitzvah in South Africa led us at Tikkun to invite him to hold his grandson’s bar mitzvah here in the United States, where many Jews would honor him,” Lerner said, adding that Goldstone “was delighted with the invite, but said it was too late.”

In response to the award, Goldstone told Tikkun: “Thank you again for your tremendous and much appreciated support. I am moved beyond words by the honor that you have announced.”

{AP/Yair Israel}


  1. Baruch Hashem. A chutzpah for the tziyonim to attempt to stop a Torah-abiding Yiddishe Zaida from attending his Einekel’s Bar Mitzvah.

    Mat the Ribono Shel Olam continue protecting Judge Goldstone from the tziyonum and all other enemies of Klal Yisroel. And may Hakodesh Baruch Hu continue to give Judge Goldstone strength to expose the crimes of Zionism.

  2. Wow. “such a nice grandfather”! Isn’t every grandfather supposed to make an effort to be at their grandson’s bar mitzva?

  3. Well it looks my letter to the SAZF did some good! I’m glad Judge Goldstone will be able to attend his son’s Bar Mitzvah.

  4. I don’t know who Rabbi Lerner is, but Goldstone is the epitome of a self hating Jew. It’s disgraceful to award Goldstone with an honor; and for the honor to be “To Uphold Jewish Values?!” What values? To incriminate his fellow brethren?! He is lending a hand to Nasrallah, Abbas, and Ahmadenahzahd too.
    Goldstone is worse than a moser, for a moser tells the truth, Goldstone drivels away nonsense without any true basis.
    We shouldn’t get involved in his bar mitzvah business, but to give him the slightest amount of honor is a crime!

  5. Dear Yerushalmi (1) You are not a charaidi at all. You do not understand that this Goldstone has undermined you as a Yid even though you hate Israel and what it stands for. The name Goldstone means absolutely nothing in Israel.

  6. I disassociate myself completely and absolutely from the comments published on this thread by the person who has fraudulently used my screen name.

  7. sunshine #9 and reb yerushalmi #1, i hope both of you share with the justice goldstone in his chelek of the hereafter. perhaps you deserve keifel on his chelek.

  8. Good. Why should the boy suffer because of politics that he probably can’t understand yet?Why plant the possibility of cynicism in this young heart that could ch’v grow into a distaste for Israel or Yiddishkeit?

    Life isn’t all politics. Let the boy have his celebration without demonstrations or embarrassment. People who want to punish Mr. Goldstone can certainly find other areas to work.

  9. The Emes is the Emes. If it took Judge Richard Goldstone, a Torah observant Yid, to expose the Emes on Zionism so be it.

    Not that the crimes of the zionists have’t long ago already been exposed by the Gedolim zt”l.

  10. The Modern Orthodox community are such hypocrites. When a judge convicts a frum Jew of a crime they screm for his head decrying the chillul hashme of Jews breaking the law. But when the Holy State of Israel is convicted of breaking the law in horrible fashion they blame the judge. Israel
    s war crimes are the biggest chilul hashem in recent history and is the biggest generator of anti-semitism that has happened in the past century.

  11. Velamalshinim Al Tehi Tikvah… I am not a Zionist and I am a Torah Jew. The terrible deeds that the Zionists did/do has nothing to do with a just war in Lebanon, where Yidden defended themselves from the Arab murderers. Are you crazy #1? Which Gadol condones This goldstone. Let him celebrate in a Mosque. You at best, are metzumtzam in your thinking.

  12. #16 — Which Gadol HaDor is opposed to Goldstone? Name ONE please, who is on the record as such.

    Frankly, between a Torah observant Yid like Judge Goldstone amus”h, and the reshoyim zionists, my choice is clear.

  13. #16 – You are definitely a Zionist making believe you’re not. “Which Godol condones this Goldstone?”? Such a question is so bizarre that it can only come from someone trying to be chareidi but has no idea how. Oh, and also you wrote “Tikvah” not “Sikvah” 😉 (Yeah right, I know, you;re a Sefardi? LOL)

  14. Thank You #17 and 18 You are insane! Rav Gifter ZT”L railed when the UN passed the “Zionisim equals racisim” resoloution. See Uvelectecha Baderech tape titled that. He said that when they say Zionisim equals racisim they mean Yiddishkeit equals racisim. I have no problem with your Ma’chaa done in the right place to the right people, however what Golstone did and said to every Goy in the world was in the Geder of Velamalshinim al tehi Sikvah! It endangers the life of every Yid in Artzeinu Hakedoiosha! {BTW sorry for the typo. Yeshivaman Litvak, not Sefardi or…]

  15. #17 and 18 Can join the leftists and Yossi Sarid along with the kooks of Neturei Karta. Go and Kiss Ahmedinijad Yem”sh.

  16. I believe that the point Normal is bringing out is very valid. There is a terrible plague festering in our midst of people doing things that have tremendous ramifications without giving a hoot whether or not the Torah condones such behavior. Goldstone ought to have kept his opinions to himself in this instance.

  17. Thank you #19 & 20, you have joined the club of the anti-religious zionist establishment, sharing company with the likes of Torah haters like Haaretz, Ynet, and the JPost. Your support for the anti-Torah zionists makes a mockery of Torah true Yiddishkeit!

  18. Yeruchem! Wake up! There is a middle road between Zionists Reshoim and Neturei Karta fools as yourself. That is where I stand and along with all Yeshivaleit and Most Gedolim in America and EY

  19. #23 Where is that middle road between Zionist Reshoim as yourself and Torah Jewry?

    The Gedolim don’t seek a “compromise” position or a “middle of the road” solution. The Gedolim take the so-called “extremist” position since that is what the Torah says. They need not, and do not, be ashamed of taking this Torah true, anti-Zionist position.


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