Glenn Beck: Trump a ‘Very Dangerous Man’


Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck said Monday that he’s not only backing Ted Cruz in the GOP presidential nomination race because he believes him to be a “true Constitutionalist,” but also because he believes front-runner Donald Trump “is a very dangerous man.”

“If you listen to things he said this weekend, ‘I could go on to 5th Avenue and shoot people and wouldn’t lose a vote,’ Beck told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on the morning “New Day” program.

“He has joked about killing reporters and not killing reporters like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin does. He is a very dangerous man.”

Further, said Beck, who was one of 22 prominent conservatives who wrote anti-Trump essays for National Review last week, if Trump is reflecting the mood of the country, “we are in more trouble than I thought.”

“You have a guy who is angry and then has an enemy’s list, and [he] starts just to take people down over and over and over again,” he said of Trump. “If you disagree with him, he destroys you.” Read more at Newsmax.

{ Newscenter}


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