Givati Brigade Commander: “Studying Torah Is Best Protection”


idf-col-ofer-winterIDF Col. Ofer Winter said in a recent interview that “anyone who can sit and study [Torah] – it’s his duty to do so. In a time of war the thing the people of Israel require most is for Torah students to sit and study the Torah more intensively,” he says.

Winter made headlines three weeks ago, at the start of Operation Protective Edge, when he told all his soldiers, even the most secular ones, to pray “with great intent” before going to battle.

“When a person’s life is in danger, he connects with his deepest inner truth and when that happens, even the greatest heretic meets God,” he wrote in a statement to his soldiers.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Torah study for the armed conflict officer will judge the trust in G-d and the blessings of Abraham. Judge your experiences. Torah can be seen in the skirmish of hate versus dignity. Keep your Tanakh handy. We must see G-d in the quagmire but never forget he is helping Israel fulfill its commandments. Perfection is in Torah study; and if you are religious right now, you realize that the eradication of Hamas is a Torah vision. Keep up the fight. Every munition is fire from heaven and every boot a cornerstone for the Temple.


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