Giuliani: Up to 40 Muslims Cheered 9/11 (Video)


GIULIANIFormer New York mayor Rudy Giuliani confirmed that some in Brooklyn and Queens celebrated the September 11th attacks, but said the numbers were nowhere near the “thousands” claimed by Donald Trump. “We did have some celebrating, that was true,” Giuliani said on CNN. “10, 12? 30, 40?”

But Giuliani stopped short of calling Trump a liar. “I think what he’s doing is exaggerating,” he said.



  1. If you have evidence that some were celebrating, why not assume that for every one you happen to know about there are dozens or hundreds that you don’t. I dislike trump, but he’s right about this one!

  2. You can’t prove a negative, but it is clear that Trump is lying about his claims. Which he does about a lot of other things. Heaven help us should he ever become President.


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