Giuliani: Trump ‘Didn’t Forget’ About Me And Christie


Donald Trump may have passed over longtime loyalists Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie for positions in his administration, but the president-elect “didn’t forget about us,” the former New York City mayor said, POLITICO reports. “He offered me some Cabinet positions, which I’m very, very thankful for. It just didn’t work out in terms of my private life,” Giuliani said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” when asked whether he has any hurt feelings about being left out of the Trump administration.

“You wanted a certain challenge,” Fox News co-anchor Brian Kilmeade interjected. “The only challenge you really wanted was secretary of state.”

“That’s true. But he offered me jobs that probably at a different time in my life, I would have taken in a minute. They’d have been a great honor,” Giuliani said. “I’ve got a big law firm. I’ve got a big consulting firm. I am extremely busy. And at 72 years old, there was only one challenge I thought that really was left for me. The others wouldn’t have been a challenge.”



  1. Shakran. He wanted the Kovod, didnt get the top job so he opted out. A Politician blaibt a Politician. They cannot say the truth

  2. The problem was that Rudy has too many investments internationally and that would make it difficult to get approved by the senate for Secretary of State.


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