Giuliani Says Gingrich Might Be Better Candidate Than Romney


giulianiRudy Giuliani said Newt Gingrich may be the better presidential candidate than Mitt Romney, making him the latest high-profile Republican to try to add credibility to the former House speaker’s surge in the polls.

“My gut tells me right now as I look at it that Gingrich might actually be the stronger candidate, because I think he can make a broader connection than Mitt Romney to those Reagan Democrats,” Giuliani said Monday night on CNN.

The former mayor, who ran for president in 2008 and toyed with a bid this year, said Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is a great candidate on paper but, “there’s some kind of personal connection that doesn’t get made that the other candidates probably do a better job at.”

Romney campaign’s central argument has been that he is better able to beat President Barack Obama. Giuliani’s remarks, combined with comments by former Vice President Dick Cheney that he would not “underestimate” Gingrich, could give some Republican primary voters a different impression.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. Cheney is a total neocon ideologue. Of course he’s going to back Gingrich over Romney. Giuliani’s comments carry more weight.
    I would make the same argument against Gingrich as President though: Although on paper he is definitely qualified, my gut tells me that he would be a mediocre president at best, causing some positive change, but making a lot of bad decisions along the way.

  2. Politicians will all break our hearts sooner or later. If their true personal interests happen now to coincide with ours, it will be later.


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