Giuliani: Obama’s Afghan Drawdown ‘Irrational, Dangerous’


giuliani2Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined a handful of other guests on the Sunday-morning talk-show circuit who questioned President Barack Obama’s planned troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan. Giuliani described the drawdown in Afghanistan as “dangerous.”

“I’ve always thought that the timetables were irrational and dangerous to our troops and us,” he told Fox. “When our military is someplace, we get a tremendous amount of information. It increases the quality of our intelligence. It just makes sense for us to have a presence, if we can, in those parts of the world where people are trying to kill us.”

Giuliani gave the president high marks for the administration’s efforts to protect Americans from extremism by developing effective counterterrorism techniques.

“We’re doing pretty well in fighting the war on terror,” he said. “I’m surprised that President Obama has continued as many of the programs [of former President George W. Bush] and built on some of them. I was happy about that.”

Expressing similar sentiments on “Fox News Sunday” were Gen. Jack Keane and former Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

{Newsmax/ Newscenter}


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