Giuliani: Obama Needs ‘Major Correction’ On Terror Response


giuliani1[Video below.] Echoing other high profile conservatives in the wake of the attempted Christmas Day terrorism attack, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told CNN Wednesday President Obama waited far too long to react to the botched bombing and needs to make a “major correction” in the way he is dealing with terrorism.Speaking on CNN’s Larry King Live, Giuliani said the time it took the president to react to the attempted attack may “convince our enemies we are not ready.”

President Obama first addressed the issue from his vacation spot in Hawaii three days after the attempted attack, calling for a complete review of the incident and the country’s airline security policies. He then gave a public assessment of those reviews in a statement Tuesday, saying they had uncovered that “U.S. intelligence had uncovered numerous “red flags” prior to the attack.”

“All this is ten days too late,” Giuliani said. “This something you react to immediately. Not after your vacation. The president of the United States, when there is a potential massive attack on the country, should have been on top of it immediately.”

Giuliani, who late last month announced he would not run for either governor or senator in New York this year, also faulted the administration for not classifying the bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, as an enemy combatant.

“The minute you [don’t designate him an enemy combatant], you cut off the ability to question him,” Giuliani said. “I don’t know the inside story. He was talking until he went out and got him a lawyer. You want to talk to this guy for a month. You want to keep him for a month or two get to get you a the intelligence he is going give you.”

Giuliani’s comments closely echo those of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who released a statement saying the president is pretending there is not a war on terrorism.

Speaking to Larry King, Giuliani defended Cheney’s criticisms, though said he disagreed with some of them.

“Nobody was concerned about that when everybody criticized President Bush day in and day out including testimonies calling him names when he was trying to prosecute the war in Iraq, and Vice President Cheney is entitled to his view.”

Click below to watch Giuliani’s remarks:

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  1. why cant giuliani admit that Bush did wrong by taking six days as well , instead of trying to give a lame excuse that it was before 9/11 which it turns out not to be?

    Thats politics for you, cause if he takes a jabb at Bush then Bush might not support him in a run for Governor or President.

    Politics before sfety !


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