Girls Lost in Lakewood On Friday Night Found with Help of Fruber


On Friday afternoon, a half-hour before shkiah, ten girls in Lakewood, NJ, took two Uber cars from the Spruce Street area to 6th Street. As Shabbos approached, the first car of girls arrived, but the second car was nowhere to be found.

After an hour of nervous waiting, the Lakewood Police Department was contacted and a search was launched for the missing girls.

With the assistance of Fruber, the missing girls were tracked to where they had been dropped off – about a mile from their correct destination.

Lakewood Police and Fruber worked in tandem to find the girls, who were boruch Hashem located safe and sound.

The girls, who had come from Brooklyn to participate in a Shabbaton, were slated to go to a local shul, where their seudah was to be held. Instead they ended up stopping at the home of a local frum family, who offered them some food and then assisted them in heading, on foot, to their correct destination.

During the ordeal, Lakewood Police remained in contact via telephone for twenty minutes with a Fruber dispatcher, as they coordinated the effort to locate the girls.

{D. Newscenter}


  1. driver left the girls at the wrong destination. Driver was unsympathetic and rude. Thanks to the police department that the girls were found safe bh.

  2. why not on shabbos??? children (or in this case a carload of young girls) are missing is doche shabbos, remember we are mitzuve to keep the Torah, yes, even over frumkeit- consult your LOR

  3. yes, even on shabbos! remember we are mitzuve to keep the Torah, even over frumkeit, our Torah wants us to come to the rescue of children or in this case a carload of girls who could be in danger… consult your LOR

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