Girl Seriously Injured After Metal Bar From A Construction Site Falls On Her Head


Police and medical teams were rushed to a school in Yerushalayim after an iron bar that apparently fell from a nearby construction site hit a girl on her head.

The 15-year-old girl was evacuated from the school on Rechov Dovid Yellin to Hadasah Ein Kerem Hospital where a hospital spokesperson said that the girl was on a respirator and in serious condition.

Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital later released a statement saying the girl who was injured today at school from falling metal suffers from a serious head injury. She was operated on by a neurosurgeons team and her condition is difficult.


  1. Heard from close source the metal bar penetrated her head, and she is basically, even if she survives ,will bee in vegetable state. Further, even though the police ruled it was an accident, it is believed to have been done on purpose by an Arab worker.

  2. horrible, horrible, no words. but the fact is that construction sites in Israel are extremely not secure. either there is no proper law or proper punishment. every single time I pass next to the construction site (some of them abandoned for years already) i am shocked over and over again how dangerous they are. metal barricades that are supposed to protect, are actually the biggest hazard. with stronger wind, they could send anyone to the hospital. bldg in our street, in the center of Jerusalem, has already for 5 yrs (and counting) 2 floors deep pits next to the entrance with the funny, broken metal gate. there were so many complaints, but unfortunately, NO ONE cares.. until it’s too late.

  3. Why are some of us are so pathologically short-sighted as to hire arabs?! Is it worth to save a few dollars on a cheaper labor while feeding the snakes and risking our lives?!

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