Girl Donates Money from Bat Mitzvah to Buy Toys for NICU Babies


bat-mitzvah1010 WINS in New York reports:

A girl has donated money from her Bat Mitzvah to buy developmental toys for sick babies. Michaela Palmer has been raising money since last fall for the NICU babies at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill. Palmer designed and sold a set of pink and blue bracelets that said “A NICU needs you.” She also included a special invitation for her Bat Mitzvah guests to donate money to the NICU instead of her.

Palmer apparently raised more than $1,000 which she used to buy a variety of developmental toys for the children.

“We’re thrilled and she can feel very proud of herself,” says Dr. Jeffrey Perlman. “She’s doing something very special.”

Palmer isn’t new to giving and says when she was younger she walked in the March of Dimes with her mother to raise money for premature babies.

{1010WINS-NY/ Newscenter}


  1. That’s wonderful! May this light a spark to a life of giving and meaning based on the eternal principles of the Torah and mazal tov to the family, if you’re reading this.

  2. Thats very sweet of her.Most 12 year olds look forward to what they are going to get with their bat mitzva money. I dont even think it would dawn on a 12 year old to donate her money to some kids that they dont even know her. Jeffrey your one role model.

  3. No, it’s not part of any organized program. A lot of the kids at her school and at our shul undertake hesed projects when they become bar/bat mitzvah.

    The amount is actually 2,500.00, not 1,000.00; don’t know where they got that number from.

    Proud Abba

  4. Beautiful and generous act of kindness.
    i remember when my son was barmitzvahed and we asked every guest to bring a small toy (new or slightly used) that was going to be sent to children in Sderot for Chanukah in lieu of a gift – PEOPLE WERE TOTALLY CONFUSED??!!?


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