Gingrich: Putin Press Conference Was ‘Most Serious Mistake’ Of Trump’s Presidency


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, a longtime supporter of President Trump, declared on Monday that Trump’s performance at a news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin was “the most serious mistake of his presidency.”

The comments from the former Speaker came after the U.S. president challenged his own intelligence community’s conclusion that Moscow interfered in the 2016 election during a joint news conference with Putin.

“They said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin — he just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said, adding that he does not “see any reason why it would be” Russia.

Gingrich, former GOP speaker of the House and one of the president’s biggest defenders, said Trump’s grievous error was siding with Putin over US intelligence agencies.

“President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin,” Gingrich tweeted.

“It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected—-immediately.”


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  1. Trump knows very well the truth about Russian interference.
    Should he then start a world war because of that?
    Russia is no threat for the US. Not politically or economically.
    Trump is smart to go on with life – and a peaceful coexistence.
    All his critics are just plain silly.

  2. “Politicizing international affairs is a dangerous game, but that hasn’t stopped far too many in Washington, who seem to have forgotten that a vital part of keeping America safe and secure is avoiding war through strong and consistent diplomacy, from playing politics,”

    -Rand Paul

  3. The intelligence community has rotten apples among them as is obvious. They are the protectors of the swamp and are destroying the fabrics of America. Trump is correct. If we don’t clean the swamp we will have nothing country.

  4. Gingrich, you’re the problem. You’re no better than the liberals and Democrats. Being PC is more important to you than the truth. What did you expect President Trump to do? Stick with the collusion hoax when there’s not a speck of evidence after almost 2 years of searching for it? Are you kidding or just becoming crazy and another brainwashed sheeple like the Left?

  5. Bring out the Trumpets!
    When Obama went for a “reset” with Russia, the GOP criticised him. So now that Trump is doing the same thing, the true conservatives in the GOP will stick to their principles, and criticise Trump.
    In the other hand, the fake conservatives, who care more about Trump than about conservative values, spent years crtisicing Obama for doing the same thing that they are now defending when Trump does it.
    Of course, the left are the same hypocrites. When Romney said Russia is the most dangerous country, they went ballistic, and defended Obama for trying to be nice to Putin.

    • Good point. If Jeb Bush or Mit Romney, the only 2 conservatives left in this evil racist country, would of been President, they would of given it to Putin so strong, he would be cowering behind some desk in the Kremlin now. Obama was clearly the best President in moden history. He taught those Russians a tough lesson they will never forget. Obama immediately went on that apology tour and unleashed the Arab spring and that’s why we have such a world peace, the likes which we haven’t seen since Noach’s time. Hannity & Trump are secret KGB spy’s who are trying to help Russia, who don’t allow gay marriage in their Country, become thee world dominance!
      A truly disgraceful day in America. Joe Biden and I are ashamed to be Americans. So should you. I hope that they will at least have the courage to hang our soiled flag at half staff.

      • Keep bashing Obama, but that’s not the issue here. We know Obama is terrible. The problem is that people who call themselves conservative are praising Trump for doing the exact same things that Obama did.

        • Still sore over your guy Hillary getting whipped? You really got to get over it already. Don’t give up hope yet. Maybe Kamala Harris can beat President Trump in 2020.

          • To be honest, I (and most true conservatives out there) am still sore that Cruz got beaten. Imagine a real conservative in the White House? We would have real free trade, unleashing the economy. We would have fiscal responsibility. We have repealed Obamacare and replaced it with free market solutions. We would actually strengthen America’s standing around the world, not play the Obama-Trump game of capitulation to dictators.

    • Conservatives had no problem with Obama and the Russian reset per se. The issue was with Obama secretly promising stuff to Putin after the 2012 election when he won’t have to run for reelection (caught on open mic).
      In other words, his collusion with Russia was the issue.
      There is evidence of Obama Russia collusion, yet after 2 years, still no evidence of Trump Russia collusion.

      • Incorrect. If you would remember the conservative position from the Obama years, it was criticism of the weakness he displayed and eagerness to kiss up to Putin, same as Trump has done. Conservatives were against the reset because theu understand that Putin is out weaken this country (and is probably laughing at us now, as the Left goes crazy and divides the country with the Russian “collusion” that never existed). Trump, who has been a liberal until 2015, doesn’t understand the basic concepts of a strong America (he think it means making a fancy military parade) and instead when to kiss up to Putin. The Trumpets will never admit it, but most of the conservatives out there see right though it.


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