Gingrich: History Shows Shutdowns Aren’t Catastrophic


gingrich1The government shutdown has led to a lot of “hyperbole and hysteria,” writes former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in a new opinion piece, but the “facts are against the whiners, complainers and hysteria-mongers.”

Gingrich’s article, appearing in The Financial Times, points out that there have been numerous government shutdowns in the past, and while pressure is on the Republicans to surrender their view, and reopen the government, their demands reflect “ignorance” of history.

It’s common for government’s to shut down because of conflict between the different branches, said Gingrich, who was House Speaker during two shutdowns in 1995-96 while former President Bill Clinton was in office.

But there were plenty of shutdowns before that, Gingrich said, including 12 presided over by Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill alone while dealing with former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, Gingrich pointed out.

“No one in the O’Neill era saw shutdowns as catastrophic,” said Gingrich. “They were irritating, complicated and frustrating, but also part of the legislative process.

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{Andy Newscenter}



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