Gingrich Calls New Yorkers ‘Elites’


gingrich2Many New Yorkers aren’t happy with Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich after a comment he made about residents of the Big Apple earlier this week while stumping in Nevada.

The former House Speaker called Manhattanites who live in high rises “elites” because they ride the subway, somehow suggesting that New Yorkers aren’t real Americans.

“I’m not elite,” said one straphanger. “I work 70 hours a week. Always come down, take a train to Queens and work.”

Maybe the comment stems from Gingrich losing out on an endorsement by New York billionaire Donald Trump, who despite reports that he would be backing the former House Speaker, threw his support to Mitt Romney instead.

Gingrich sought Trump’s endorsement at a meeting in December at the real estate mogul’s Trump Tower office in Manhattan. There, Gingrich told reporters he had persuaded Trump to mentor promising children from some of New York’s poorest schools.

{1010 WINS/ Newscenter}


  1. New York supported Obummer.
    New York supported Toayvah Marriage.
    New York supported Chuck Shumer & C. Gillibrand for US Senate.
    Except for a small number of “Normal” Elected Officials, New Yorkers support the most liberal, left wing elected officials in the country.
    New York has a 51 member City Council. Only 3 of those members are Republicans 48 are losers!
    And New York supported a 3 term Mayor, Bloomberg, who is a left wing, toayvah pandering politician who is not loyal to anyone.
    New Yorkers are not just Elites, They’re CRAZY!


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