Gilad Shalit to Attend NBA All Star Game Tonight in Orlando


gilad-shalit3Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier released last October after five years of captivity in Gaza, is spending a holiday in the United States with a friend. As part of his trip, Shalit will watch the NBA All-Star Game in Orlando, having received tickets for all three events from leading sports agent Arn Tellem.

Before leaving for the US, Shalit met with US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, who helped expedite his visa application process.

This is Shalit’s second overseas trip since his release. Last month, the soldier met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Sarkozy was involved in efforts for Gilad’s release and met with Noam and Aviva Shalit numerous times over the years.

For the most part the freed soldier has been keeping a low profile – exceptions including an appearance at a Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game and the opening of his own Facebook account.

Shalit was released on October 18 after five years in Hamas captivity in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. Too bad! I could have been much nicer if he came to visit me and all those Thousands Jews
    That prayed for his liberation. A seudas hodoah and some words of chizuk. NBA? what a shame!

  2. After all he has been through I would think he would like to come to america to learn in lakewood yeshiva to visit gedolim who asked klal yisroel to daven on his behalf while he was in captivity a basketball game?!! What a shame

  3. My gosh! Is the whole world crazy? Give the guy a break! Yes, we daven that all of our not-yet-shomrei-torah-umitzvos brethren soon see the kedushah of our Torah ha’kdosha, but let this young man, who lived through hell on earth, enjoy himself! If this is the worst thing that all of us do (most who are reading this, myself included, spend way too much time on the internet) we’d be in very good shape. Everyone stop being so negative! I hope he enjoys the game and that it gives him a temporary psychological break from the unthinkable nightmare that he went thru

  4. Guys, calm down.
    1st of all there are plenty of frum ppl that go to basketball games
    2nd of all, after all he’s been hrogh you dont know what his matzav is.
    Put yourself in his shoes

  5. To ALL my dear friends and family who did not like my comment (#1)allow me to explain.

    We as Jews are responsible for one another to make sure that we all get closer to G-D. What will bring one closer to Hashem ?
    1) Shabbos
    2) The game
    Answer # 1 = SHABBOS

    that was the entire point.

  6. Did you daven for his release because he was Shomer Shabbos or because he was a fellow jew? Why would being freed make him change his philosophy?

  7. This was a real mitzvah of redeeming the captive ,what Shalit does or does not as a Jew is no different then anyone else .We should not have the thinking of only redeeming a religious Jew tzaddik etc .A Jew is a Jew.

  8. Let’s love him, send him messages of how we Frummer Yidden loved him, davened for his safe return home AND STILL LOVE HIM! Let’s invite him into our hearts and homes and perhaps he will come around! If we just mash him, ain’t no good gonna come of it! Love and patience! Remember, he never did really keep the Ol Hamitzvos!
    My real surprise though are his parents, who were with their faculties all throughout and do know what we did for them! Nu! We still have to love every Yid cuz that’s what the Basheffer wants from us! UNCONDITIONAL AHAVAS YISROEL!

  9. Am I missing something? My first reaction was, baruch Hashem! How great that he’s comfortable attending something so loud and public and noisy. Readjusting to the world couldn’t have been easy.

  10. gilad does keep shabbos.
    A friend of my mine is very good friends with omri caspi and they all spent shabbos together in orlando ! so please all of you : “heve dan et kol haadam lekaf zechus”


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