Gift-Wrapped Horse Manure Sent to Steve Mnuchin’s Home


A gift-wrapped package of horse manure was found near Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s Bel Air home on Saturday night, prompting a visit from the Los Angeles Police Department’s bomb squad, ABC 7 reports. Police were reportedly tipped off to a suspicious package addressed to Mnuchin but left in a neighbor’s driveway. The wrapped package, which police said contained a “pretty good quantity” of manure, was labeled as being from “the American people.”

The scene was cleared a short time after the bomb squad inspected the package, which police said the Secret Service would be picking up on Sunday to examine.

Mnuchin and his wife, Louise Linton, have stirred criticism for what some see as Linton’s  flaunting of the family’s wealth. They were recently compared to James Bond villains after a photo emerged of Mnuchin and Linton—clad in long leather gloves and a black trench coat—showing off newly printed dollar bills. Read more at ABC 7 LOS ANGELES.


    • If anything in the secular world is nogai’a, then how progressives react to people they disagree with is nogai’a. At the very least, had you been following, you would have understood – or even anticipated – the growing anti-Israel and and anti-Semitic sentiments, coupled with violence, in bastions of liberalism such as universities and progressive movements.

      Every symptom of this disease is nogai’a, and it is indeed a negah.


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