Giant Trump Baby Balloon in a Diaper Takes Flight at British Parliament


In its centuries of history, its unlikely the British parliament has ever seen anything quite like this—the controversial blimp shaped like Donald Trump, crying and wearing a diaper, has taken flight outside the majestic Palace of Westminster.

The giant balloon stands at six meters tall and features “small hands, a tiny mobile phone and a giant nappy/diaper.” It was inflated at 9:30 a.m. local time (4:30 a.m. EST) and will fly up to 30 meters during a huge protest march through London while the President holds meetings with Theresa May and the Queen.

Trump has complained that the giant balloon has hurt his feelings, telling British tabloid newspaper The Sun: “I used to love London as a city. I haven’t been there in a long time. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?” I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.” The blimp flight was authorized by London mayor Sadiq Khan, who Trump described as having done a “terrible job” looking after the English capital.

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  1. It was a very small protest with a not that giant balloon. Look at pictures that are not from the media. There were maybe like 300 people there.

    • A ‘small protest”??? REALLY… a hundred thousand people is a ‘small protest’ to you? What’s a ‘large protest’ to you? That balloon is ‘not that giant’? REALLY… What constitutes a ‘giant balloon’ to you? You seem to be delusional; 300 people? HA! You fool no one but yourself.

  2. Here’s what Fake News wouldn’t report:
    There was also a counter protest with thousands of people gathered to show support for President Trump combined with protest to release politically jailed journalist Tommy Robinson who’s imprisoned for reporting Muslim’s atrocities. President Trump’s Ambassador met the British Ambassador in the US and demanded his immediate release.

  3. Greg Magnuson= why are you getting so hot over this foolishness? you think anything changes if there were 1 millions fools protesting or 50? this prez marches on with his spectacular agenda!


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