Get Out There and Vote: Vaad-Endorsed Singer Faces Challenge from Herskowitz


singer-herskowitzIt all comes down to today’s vote. Months of campaigning, weeks of advertising, and many days and nights of strategizing culminate in today’s GOP primary election in Lakewood, NJ, to decide whether a mainstay of Lakewood politics will continue his tenure or will have to focus on his position as state senator.

Hershel (Harold) Herskowitz is challenging Lakewood’s 29-year incumbent Township Committeeman, 62-year-old State Senator Robert (Bob) Singer.

44-year-old Herskowitz, the owner of Toys for Thought, a Lakewood Toy Store, has been a Lakewood resident for over 20 years.

Senator Bob Singer, a veteran legislator and himself a Lakewood resident for over 30 years, has served the Lakewood community with great devotion for decades. Singer has received the endorsement of Lakewood’s Vaad and Rabbi Yisroel Schekolewski.

Herskkowitz is currently sitting shivah following the passing of his mother yesterday.

The victor of today’s primary will face off with Democrat Marta Harrison, a former Lakewood mayor who is unopposed in the primary.

Polls are open between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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  1. Remember the immortal words of Reb Mottel Herskowitz of BMG “Every Yuchid counts!”
    Rabbosai, don’t rest on your laurels get out and vote!

  2. Sholom Egert, brother of Dovid Egert is filing papers to run as an Independant in November’s genral election for Township Committee. If Hershel wins, the Democrats might decide to put up a different candidate instead of Marta, who’ll be more likely to win.

  3. A criticism by Herskowitz of Singer is the two hats that he has worn as committeeman and state legislator for more than two decades. Future “double-dipping” among public officeholders is now illegal, though lawmakers such as Singer are exempt through a grandfather clause.
    Singer, however, sees the dual roles as an asset. Asked if it is a conflict of interest, he said: “Other than the fact I’m bullish on Lakewood? No.”

  4. Vote for Herald Herkowitz who’s sitting sivah today for his mother o”h.
    Vote now, vote frequently for Herald Hershkowitz. This is NOT a payed advertisement!


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