Germany: President of the Central Council of Jews Warns Against Wearing Yarmulkes Face Of Last Week’s Attack


The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, recommended that Jews not wear yarmulkes on the streets of Germany. His comments follow an anti-Semitic attack on an Israeli Arab who wore a yarmulke in Berlin to see if it was safe for Jews in the German capital last week.

In an interview with Radio Berlin Schuster said that during normal times he supports the wearing of a yarmulke to “show faith openly and enthusiastically,” but in such a sensitive period he recommends that private individuals not wear a skullcap in city streets.

The Jewish community in Berlin decided to hold a special solidarity demonstration in which Jewish and non-Jewish participants would wear a yarmulke on their heads in response to recent anti-Semitic incidents in the city.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • Perhaps Agudas Israel can send some Robbonim, shlitim, there along with some their well-known ‘Askanim’ to investigate.

  1. Wear a hat and put your kippah in your pocket. The hats are nice and you can look good. Probably less auspicious but that my minhag. I like it.

  2. Jews don’t belong in Naziland Germany. Jews shouldn’t be driving nazi cars either especially the ones with the nazi signature in the windshield. The same nazi who put his signature on the ovens, crematoriums and gas chambers. But wherever we visit we must show them that we are Jews. Wear your Yarmikas everywhere you go!! Be careful but be proud of who you are.


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