German Town Revokes Hitler’s Citizenship


hitlerThe Führer finally has no place to go.

Next month, after a good 68 years, the town of Goslar, Germany, will manage to revoke the honorary citizenship it once bestowed upon Adolf Hitler. The dictator was granted around 4,000 honorary citizenships when he was in power.

The town leadership previously tried to strip the despot of citizenships, but city councilors called it “a pointless attempt to reverse a historical mistake,” arguing it technically expired when Hitler committed suicide. Read more at MSN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. As the Meraglim said “we were in their eyes like grasshoppers”. The Nazis could have been Menshliche and caring people to their families and friends, and they didn’t feel any guilt about their actions against Jews, because HKB”H instilled into their brains that we are only some dirty insects. They thought of themselves as the Chosen People and therefore we were inferior.
    In these days we should all do Tshuvah and teach our children to regard every Human Being as a Yitzeer Kapov of Hashem.

  2. I don’t know how any Jewish website can even post a picture of the most wicked rasha yemach shemom of all time. Nauseating. Al titakel bepnei rasha


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