German Jews to Israeli Chief Rabbi: Your Circumcision Commotion Did More Harm than Good


rabbi-metzgerIsrael’s Foreign Office and the Jewish community in Germany have criticized the intervention of Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Israeli Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger in the issue of the ban on bris milah in Germany.

Dr. Dieter Graumann, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, criticized Yishai’s call on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to intercede in the matter, as well as Chief Rabbi Metzger’s comments during his visit to Germany last week.

“We are concerned that Interior Minister Yishai didn’t think of becoming better informed about the details,” complained Graumann, suggesting Yishai had not paused to consider “whether his intervention was necessary or beneficial.”

In a polite but strongly worded letter to Israel’s ambassador to Germany Yaakov Hadas, Graumann declared: “There’s no need to elaborate – it’s not beneficial.”

According to Graumann, Yishai chose to “ignore the fact that the Chancellor had clearly expressed her position supporting the right to perform ritual circumcisions.”

Referring to Rabbi Metzger’s visit, Graumann accuses him of meeting with high level government officials without notifying or even consulting with the local Jewish community or rabbinic institutions.

“This is an unprecedented example of interference in religious and political issues in an independent Jewish community outside the State of Israel,” Graumann stated.

In reference to Rabbi Metzger’s proposal of mohalim (ritual circumcisers) being trained by German doctors, Graumann wrote that “it raises doubt regarding the training being provided for the mohalim.”

Graumann concluded that “if the intervention of Interior Minister Yishai and Rabbi Metzger yielded some limited benefit, it was outright inefficient by causing needless harm and introducing additional mistrust.”

A source in the Foreign Office told Maariv that “the Jewish community in Germany is in the midst of several moves, both public and confidential, on the political, judicial and legislative levels, that are ripening. Suddenly the arena is invaded by forces like Minister Yishai or Rabbi Metzger who are unfamiliar with the local rules of the game, the create a a big commotion that damages our efforts.”


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  1. The world didnt interfer and rejected the hitler rhetoric and then the acts slow beginings of annialation began.

    Was that a effect of the enlightened movement 100 years later of hiding and being the perfect german?
    It seems to me that european jews are still hiding from G-D but showing up for dinners of deceptions.

    There are 2 theories.
    One is to hide,to be low key,under the radar.

    The other is to speak out,stand up, fight for your rights,be a JEW.

    If you european jews didnt learn from your avoidence of confrontation,then there isnt much you learned based on your history of silence.

    All we can do is to pray for you to wake up
    and cheer on al those that do speak up inspite of your blindness and merkals press release.

    World will say many things and wear many costumes like the evangelist xtians who will do and say anything even invest money to get the Jew to bow to their god.


  2. Under Zionist ideology, the Chief Rabbi is the primer representation of religious Jews around the world. How dear someone question his involvement of a issue some where other than in Israel.

  3. #1, learn history!Secular and Zionist Jews all over the world did indeed scream and yell against Hitler, they even organized a mass boycott of German goods in 1933, and the German community of Jews begged them to stop, because it just resulted in reprisals, Jews such as you refused to stop, because they didn’t want to live “low key” even if it meant endangering the lives of their brothers. The antagonizing enraged Hitler.


  4. #1 Dr. Stephen Weiss VR’Y gave a speech in America, in 1933 I believe, blasting the Fuhrer. His response was “Jetzt Well Ich Sehe Vernichten” R’L.
    (Now I will wipe them out R’L). I have mentioned to you in the past that it’s about time to start reading history of the Yidden in Europe before giving us Europeans your Weltanschauung. (world outlook)

  5. #1 Another good thing would be to read the History of Yidden in the Middle East and you’ll see that our Sephardische brothers did it exactly what Europeans did. They too stayed low key. Only the Kochi Ve’otzem Yadi type made noise. Don’t learn from the ideology of our European Reformed Yidden.


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