Georgia Rep.: KKK Straightened People Out


Georgia State Rep. Tommy Benton—an ardent supporter of preserving his state’s Confederate heritage in every manner—said that the Klu Klux Klan was not necessarily racist and that it helped to maintain an ordered society.

“It made a lot of people straighten up,” the Republican lawmaker said. “I’m not saying what they did was right. It’s just the way things were.”

Though he made those comments last summer, he confirmed and stood by them this week when asked about a recent bill he drafted permanently preserving the Confederate monument at Stone Mountain. Read more at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



  1. You see. This just goes to show that all Republicans are evil white racists who want to rid America of all Jews, kick old people out of nursing homes, and convert everyone else to Christianity. Hillary is our only choice.

  2. Sure it straightened people up. Their hate and discredit to society could be hooded and no one would see their hate expressions. They could hide their indemnity and their careless hate in the group of monsters that they enjoy sitting around a burning cross thinking that their voices were worth anything to a human liberal society.

    Crime is not a payment on dreams. The KKK is not a human subsidy of any institution of human voice.

    This is scary. I wonder what his sheets were used for before he tried to sleep in his own hate.

    Terrible chapter in American insight.

    Worthless politics.

    Cages would be better for their worried “straight” lives. The world is not a bar room for the murderer to find his gun.

    Lazy hate.

  3. “KKK were all Democrats but the way.”

    Absolutely a slanderous lie that anyone who knows anything about American history will know is a lie. Most were Democrats in the South, but in the Northeast and Midwest they were mostly Republican. The corrupt Democratic Mayor of Boston James Michael Curley sent his thugs out to disrupt the Klan in Boston’s rock ribbed Republican WASP exurbs, and the KKK even seized control of one entire state, Indiana, electing KKK member Edward L. Jackson as governor (forcing out a Republican governor who had opposed the Klan).

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