Georgia Relents, Issues Birth Certificate With ‘Allah’ Last Name


The state of Georgia has given up on its opposition to issuing a birth certificate with the last name “Allah,” after pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union. The state had said it would not issue the birth certificate because “Allah” did not match either of the parents’ last names, but the ACLU sued the state on behalf of the parents. The rights group dropped the lawsuit once the state relented.

“This is an important vindication of parental rights and a long overdue victory for [the parents],” said Andrea Young, the ACLU of Georgia’s executive director. “No one wants to live in a world where the government can dictate what you can and cannot name your child. It goes against our values, the legislature’s intent, and the plain language of the law.” Officials said the 23-month-old girl, whose two older siblings also have the Allah surname, has been issued a birth certificate. The parents recently told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution they gave their children the name because they liked its “noble” sound and that religion was not a factor. Read more here.



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