Georgetown Students Vote Not To Take Action Against Pro-Marriage Campus Group


A panel of Georgetown students decided not to take action against a pro-heterosexual-marriage campus group that had been the subject of a complaint accusing it of fostering hatred and intolerance.

After deliberating behind closed doors until after midnight Friday, the Student Activities Commission voted 8-4 vote that no sanctions should be imposed on Love Saxa, which advocates for marriage as “a monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman,” the group states in its constitution.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Mary Hui 



  1. So being moral and God fearing has to be apologized for???
    We just lained today that Sodom was destroyed!
    What is the world coming to? Why is everyone so scared of the militant homosexual community? They are a minority of minorities! They are so few in numbers.
    Pheh! They are evil destructive people.

  2. Just stop and think for a moment. Every single person born, including the most deviant “Alphabet people” members, were brought into the world through a heterosexual interaction. Now that has to be defended? How insane have the people become?

  3. this is like a purim shpiel. it seems it’s ok for the student activities commission to promote hatred of marriage between a man and a woman which has existed in the world since time began. the homosexual community may be very small but they scream very loud. are we supposed to thank them for their ‘not having imposed sanctions’? who are they to propose sanctions anyway?

  4. Should we probably ought to be showing appreciation for being allowed to be normal?!
    To do what their parents, grandparents,etc.,did?!

    ..Those who claimed a few years back ” ‘they’ want only to be treated the same ‘as everybody else’ “should hold on to articles like these


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