George W. Bush: Russia Meddled In Election


Former President George W. Bush on Thursday said that there is “clear evidence” of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Bush made the comments while speaking at a summit in Abu Dhabi, according to The Associated Press, at a time when tensions are rising between President Trump and U.S. intelligence agencies over the investigation into Russian meddling.

“There’s pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled,” Bush said, the news service reported. “Whether they affected the outcome is another question.”

“It’s problematic that a foreign nation is involved in our election system,” he added. “Our democracy is only as good as people trust the results.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Look who’s talking. There’s clear evidence that you, Mr. Bush, was behind the 9/11 attack killing about 3,000 Americans. A stain that will haunt you forever.

    Coming from the mouth of a so-called Republican who voted for Hillary and was trying to put her into power just like he, with the help of the CIA, did with Obama through fraud. But to our luck, you hadn’t provided enough fraud for this criminal in chief to win.

    If there is “clear evidence” of Russian meddling why is it that it’s almost 1.5 years and yet to be proven? If anything, it was your Hillary who was colluding with the Russians to get the Uranium Deal through. What do you say to that?

    • Wait, it was Bush who was behind 9/11? I thought it was the Jews!
      Please stop reading the conspiracy theory ultra – nationalist websites. They are all written by Nazis, and they hate you as much as they hate Obama. Please.

      • Just keep believing that Obama’s men killed Bin Laden and dumped him at sea, that the 2016 election polls between Clinton and Trump were always between 0-7 points of each other, that the Russian ghost exists and Mueller will eventually find it… Just keep trusting every word you hear from CNN, WaPo and NYT fantasies and you’ll feel much better. Leave the conspiracies for those who are interested in real news.

    • Don’t you mean muddled not meddled? Or maybe both. Someone meddled with his muddled mind. Or someone meddled and muddled his mind.

  2. Bush kept quiet when his successor led the country down the drain, but now he’s speaking out against the man who’s putting the country together again. Really makes no sense. How much do you want to bet that all of these presidential paragons are on Soros’ payroll?

  3. This dummy has long entered the Joe Biden Zone, where only crazies are allowed. The highlight of his week is Wednesday when they get free matinee lunch at the local dog track. Smile for the camera. Poor soul.

  4. Well if he says so….. BTW did they ever find the WMD in Iraq? Oh, there’s another dossier by c. steele that iraq really was behind 9/11. Good ole Dubya, you just can’t get anything by this guy.

  5. Find the comments fascinating. Makes me realize that Trump’s biggest accomplishment has been to tear the GOP apart. The same people (such as Hannity, Rush…) who spent years defending Bush from Obama, Kerry, Hillary, and the left wing media are now willing to throw Bush under the bus. Good job Trump; once a NY lib, always a NY lib (and keep those trillion dollar stimulus plans coming)


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