George Soros At Davos: Trump ‘A Danger To The World’


Billionaire Democratic donor George Soros on Thursday took aim at President Trump and tech giants during an appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world,” Soros said, according to Bloomberg News. “But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. The miserable bitter self-hating Jew George Soros, born as Gyorgy Schwartz, a Nazi collaborator who funds terrorism and sponsors all the wicked and cruel people like Hillary, McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and the Antifa terrorists, is saying that President Trump is a danger to the world.

  2. Coming from the mouth of TSoros, who caused TSoros to his Jewish brethren as a Nazi Collaborator and is continuously causing TSoros to the world with his millions of dollars that he uses to funds terrorism. Couldn’t have been a more fitting name this ugly villain changed to from Schwartz.

  3. This deranged individual manipulated foreign currencies and thereby hurt many countries financially. He’s going to lecture us as to who’s a danger to the world??? If you want to see the demise of the USA then President Trump is a danger to that.

  4. Since when does Matzav quote Nazi collaborators, or, in other terms, a moser? On him it is a mitzva to doven, “Yimach Shmo”.

  5. That’s a rather interesting take, from a person who continuously and irreverently meddles and interferes in national affairs of foreign countries. Soros is a private citizen, who is attempting to change the world order, a multi-billionaire, who has communist leanings, and a renegade Jew, whose resume includes serving Gestapo, while a young man, by turning in other Jews in hiding, to save his own skin. A man so full of contractions and self loathing that it’s nearly impossible to decide where he should be buried.


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