George Pataki: Anybody But Obama In 2012


george-patakiFormer New York Gov. George Pataki says he hasn’t chosen between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney — but feels either would be better than President Obama.

Ken Lovett reports:

“The worst Republican candidate is a dramatic improvement over this president,” Pataki told me on the way into a state Conservative Party function.

It’s a far cry from several months ago, when he bashed the Republican field for ignoring issues of debt reform.

“This president has borrowed and spent us into a financial hole that will be difficult to get out of,” he said. “He has overregulated and over-fake-stimulated the economy to the point we haven’t been able to create the jobs we need.”

(The former three-term governor, of course, mulled his own presidential bid, but it never got off the ground. He has previously expresssed support for a run by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who, in turn, has put any White House aspirations of his own on the back burner and is in action as a Romney surrogate.)

Pataki passed on commenting on the job his successor (three times removed) Andrew Cuomo is doing as governor. (This may have something to do with that crack Cuomo made in 2002 about Pataki having held Rudy Giuliani’s coat post-9/11.)

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. Amazing! Pataki is mamesh saying unbelievable things! This report is eye opening! Shocking revelations! I haven’t seen such chuchma in a long long time! Put this guy on the board of the NASI program!


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