General Motors Looks to Israeli Developers


gmFor General Motors, much of the technology needed for the vehicle of the future is being developed at its Israel research and development facility, where they are working on a smart, self-driving, self-parking car that, equipped with a wealth of sensors and communications equipment, aims to make auto accidents a thing of the past.

“The technologies that will power autonomous vehicles include smart sensing, vision imaging, human machine interface, wifi and 4G/LTE communications, and much of that is being done at our Herzliya facility, in conjunction with GM’s other R&D facility in Silicon Valley,” said Gil Golan, director of GM’s Advanced Technical Center in Israel.

“We started working in Israel nearly 20 years ago with some limited projects, but we ramped up activities here in 2007, and have been going strong ever since,” Golan said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Do we not remember how GM helped the nazi war machine? Do we not remember the panel trucks they constructed to take us to the camps? Do we not remember?

    Why on G-d’s green earth would we ever in a million years partner with a company that was complicit in the attempted destruction of our own people?

    Please please help me understand this.


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